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DC Motor & Armature Remanufacturing

Most of the world's adjustable speed applications are addressed by DC motors.

We can replace, repair, rewind, and redesign any application on DC motors.

  • Motors are dismantled, steam cleaned and sand blasted
  • Each component is tested. We are then able to determine needed repairs and quote firm prices
  • Field coils and armatures are vacuum pressure impregnated using class H varnish
  • Armatures are turned, dynamically balanced and undercut to the proper depth to extend the operating life of the motor, to prevent premature shorts and to increase brush life.
  • Most armature shafts can be replaced or repaired by counter boring and replacing the damaged end to meet original specifications.  We use 4140 steel only.
  • Replacement armature coils are insulated with Nomex to meet or exceed factory specifications
  • Armatures are tension banded with Permafil treated glass banding to hold coils in place
  • Motors are assembled using new hardware including terminals, insulation, brushes, springs and the highest quality bearings.
  • Motors are performance tested to assure quality prior to shipment.


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